Audiovisuals & Installations

Il dolore notturno. Immagini e suoni per Dino Buzzati. (“The Nocturnal Pain. Pictures and sounds for Dino Buzzati”)


La Ballata del Condominio. Feat. Andrea Lamacchia, double bass.


1023. Sound installation for the Festival of Digital Arts, Camerino, December 2011

1023 is based on a process of sonification of the network traffic generated by a peer-to-peer software. IP addresses of incoming packets pass through a software gateway which sends single bytes as MIDI data to a sampler. Data is used even to activate the OSX vocal synthesizer, for which four-syllable words are created and uttered at different speeds by a choir of speaking voices. The following samples are excerpts of the sounds created by the 1023 system. Realized with Marco Giordano, NUME-Nuova Musica per l’Educazione group.

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